About Us

Design Seating is a family company manufacturer of wooden chairs and tables.

The company is oriented in the use of high-tech equipment, which allows the company to produce any design of chairs and tables, regardless of quantities.

The raw materials of beech wood are also carefully locally selected in our region in Bulgaria.

In terms of design, Design Seating has its own industrial design department that creates the models for the chairs and tables. Our team of designers works closely with the sales and the production departments.

The designers in our company partner with national and international designers to create unique products which also resulted in many awards.

Design Seating stands out in the international market with a special focus on the production of chairs and tables for restaurants, hotels, day centers and furniture for nursing homes. We are a flexible company focused on fully meeting the customers’ needs.

We offer customers the opportunity to have products made according to their order and the specifications of each of their projects. We offer the best to our customers: a universal and innovative collection based on comfort, quality and beauty.